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Thai Treasures Story

It’s somewhat of a secret that Thailand cultivates world class coffees, rice, and organic teas.

Thai Treasures exists to help you discover that!

Thai Treasures' Story

From Thai coffee beans to specialty teas and organic indigenous products, you’ll experience the feeling of Thailand in Thai Treasures' collection of authentic beverages and exotic products.

Want to know how the best organic farming and coffee production in Thailand carved its way into the specialty coffee scene today?

Let us unearth Sauizna Farm’s sustainable origins for you.

Thai Treasures Tea

Thai Treasures' Origins

Journey to the Origins of Thai Coffee, Organic Rice,
and Hand-woven Products

Thai Treasures Coffee Mountain

It All Started in a Fruitful Farmland & a Rich Culture:
In the 19th century, a culturally rich ethnic group, the Hill Tribe, settled at the border regions of Northern Thailand.

Now, this region is in a highly remote mountain range of Daen Lao Range (Chiang Mai Province) between Burma and Laos. It is where the Hill Tribe thrives in its unique and colorful culture, customs, and languages.

Thai Treasures Hill Tribes
Thai Treasures Hill Villages

These hills are considered difficult to access, standing at altitudes above 1,200 - 1,928 meters. It is where rich minerals and soil are found that are ideal for Thailand coffee beans, tea, and rice farming.

So, despite its hidden and isolated region, the high royalty officials saw the great opportunities that lie in the area. They have perceived this can not only bring prosperous gains for the hill tribe but to the whole economy of Thailand.

Thai Treasures Hill Tribe Family

Beginning of  Thai Coffee Culture

This is Where the Coffee Culture in Thailand First Began

Thai Treasures Mountain Hill Coffee

In 1969, His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, recognized the need to help the Hill Tribe region grow its crops in its fertile land. The most prominent bestowal was, he graciously granted some of the fruitful lands for their lifelong homes and farming in each village.

Thai Treasures School

Aside from this, the King initiated the Royal Hill Tribe Assistance Project, a charitable organization, to educate the localities on farming, agriculture, and economic planting.

And that is the beginning of a 52-year journey for the wealthy cultivation of coffee beans, organic tea, premium rice, and other agricultural productions in Thailand.

Thai Treasures Coffee Plant Thailand

Each Sale Provides Better Welfare for Thai’s Local Farmers

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Large Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Large Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Large Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Large Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$27.00 / 14 oz

Sauizna Farms

Today, the Daen Lao Range in Chiang Mai Province is where the best growing zone in the world is located and where Sauiznas plantation of premium products is found.

Sauizna is a leading Thailand organic plantation grower where highly valued Thai coffee and tea varieties are grown. It is also the home of artisanal, hand-woven, exotic, yet durable accessories, such as handbags and more are crafted

Thai Treasures Tea Picking

Through our exclusive affiliation with this private company, combined with government cooperation, and the integrity and diligence of the farmers themselves, a transformation is taking place. The living standards of the Hill People are increasing and they are realizing a fruitful and thriving economic ascent. 

How Each Cup of Tea and Coffee       is Made Richer

What maintains the purity and organic state of the plantation is its ample location, which has consistent and mild temperatures between 15 and 24°C all year round. Northern Thailand has a nice climate with warm and dry winters and hot and humid summers best for growing specialty organic coffee and exotic wild tea.

Thai Treasures Cupping
Thai Treasures Rinse

Natural water, sourced from a supply free from chlorine and chemicals, flows through the farm irrigation system and permiates the red soil of the fertile land. Mindful preservation of the naturally rich, nutritious soil, coupled with sustainable cultivation methods, contribute toward growing superb tasting coffee & tea.

Cultivating and Harvesting

Every Harvest Creates the Best Specialty Roasters and Wild Tea

Thai Treasures Rice

Cultivation and harvesting are done traditionally, by hand. Then the fruits are spread out on a flat surface and sun-dried. Organic fertilizer from local wasted fruits, vegetables, crops, and the leftover coffee parchment are all used to re-fortify the soil and pamper the plants.
We proudly supply a variety of the best-tasting Thai specialty coffee and tea varieties, suitable for even the most discriminating taste buds. Our products feature the sublime taste and fresh, deep aroma that coffee and tea aficionados seek from the most exotic growing regions in the world.

By increasing the living standards and providing fair wages to its workers, Sauizna Farms has cooperated in fulfilling the King’s initial project goals. They have developed sustainable farmlands, created jobs, and provided ongoing technical knowledge and financial stability for the local farmers and families of the Hill Tribes.

Thai Treasures Tea Hill Plant
Thai Treasures Smile On The People Faces

In addition to this, Sauizna supports the rights, culture and dignity of the people by acting as a unifying force for good to the local communities in the farming areas. They have continuously organized charitable activities and improved the community’s educational system to sustain the long term livelihood of the people.

Sauizna Farm Supports Environmental Conservation as well.  Part of Sauizna’s profits  are reinvested into the rehabilitation and conservation of the mountainous zones. The company's efforts preserve the natural landscape of the farming regions while leaving the forest generally undisturbed. The goal is to ensure a happy balance of high-quality agriculture surrounded by the forest and its authentic nature.

Thai Treasures Coffee Plant

Sales and Welfare for Local Farmers

Each Sale Provides Better Welfare for Thai’s Local Farmers

Thai Treasures Traditional Tea Rolling

Thai Treasures has brought all these wonders into the Western region. We are direct distributors of Sauizna’s indigenous products and offer coffee beans, organic rice, tea and soon many other products at a fair price. 

With each product you purchase from Thai Treasures, fair compensation is returned to the local farmers, their families and the land. When you spend your money with us, you’re actively choosing to invest in these beautiful people, extending them the opportunity to earn their own way, improve their education, sustain their land and strengthen their culture and livelihood.

Thai Treasures Tea Rolling
Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Small Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Small Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Small Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Small Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$19.00 / 7 oz

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