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Coffee Beans

Are you looking beyond the traditional commercial varieties of coffee? If so, let Thai Treasures, bring you true Specialty Coffee Beans from Thailand.

Specialty Coffee Beans

Flavorful bean grades that have the

perfect fusion of sweetness, mouthfeel and acidity.

Specialty Coffee is derived from the upper 5% of the world coffee production.

Thai Treasures Ground Coffee Beans

Say goodbye to coffee enhancers like artificial creamers and sweeteners. We have gone to great lengths to bring you specialty coffee beans from Thailand, roasted and securely packed in nitrogen flushed, valve bags, to maintain their freshness and flavor.

Unlock Flavors Of Thailand With Our Specialty Coffee Selections That Will Impress Your Palate

Brought straight to your door from the exotic farmlands of Thailand, you can now enjoy a cup of coffee made with love! Ideally suited for brewing as drip, french press, Aeropress, or espresso, we deliver it whole beans or pre-grounded.

Coffee Thai Treasures

If you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee each morning, you’ll never regret sipping each ounce of Thai Treasures coffee. Bringing you a whole new experience of coffee drinking, our products come straight from the tropical mountain farm with all of the great  flavors, aroma, and acidity intact. Choose from our plethora of great Thai coffees online!

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Large Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Large Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Large Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Large Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$27.00 / 14 oz

Specialty Coffee Near Me

Specialty coffee that’s just around the corner, delivered to your location; yet, grown and harvested in Northern Thailand.

Thai Treasures Specialty Coffee Bean

Thai Treasure is created by one of America’s award winning coffee veterans with almost 40 years in the Specialty Coffee Industry. We trade in products that have a valuable social and environmental impact as well as a story to share. Cultivated in the high mountain altitudes of the Chiang Mai Province in Thailand, the specialty beans we sell are sustainably produced and directly traded from the farm to us.

Nurtured in the perfect altitude in an environmentally and socially responsible process, our coffees are roasted in California and delivered to your doorstep within days of being roasted. Our products will greatly appeal to those looking for the authentic native taste of Thai specialty coffee coffee.

Thai Treasures Raw Coffee Bean

Specialty Coffee Roasters

Dark, delicious, organic Doi Dark Roast is roasted just right for coffee lovers who want to try something bold and exotic.

Thai Treasures Roasting Coffee Beans

We offer our Thai Coffees in three different roast levels. Light, Medium (espresso) and Dark

Wild Mountain
Thai Coffee  
Doi Dark Roast

If you’re searching for unique dark roast experience  with just the right dark roast profile without the burnt taste, choose our Doi Dark Roast.

Best Specialty Coffee

Harvested & processed by hand, the Northern Thai farmers work diligently to produce fantastic specialty coffee.

Thai Treasures Checking Coffee Beans

When we say “Specialty coffee beans” it means the coffee beans passed a special type of criteria to qualify as a unique group. What the farmers do is grade the coffee beans through visual inspection and taste inspection called cupping. Each 350g sample of coffee beans is quality inspected for defects. The defects can be Primary (sour beans or bad beans) or Secondary (broken beans). Specialty coffee beans should have no Primary defects and fewer than 5 Secondary defects.

The next test involves Cupping, which is roasting the coffee, brewing it, and tasted by our official coffee tasters. For every lot of coffee, a certified Q Grader who has the professional skill of tasting the coffee, assigns a score for its attributes. Some of these are acidity, flavor, aroma, and body. While this process is somewhat subjective, in a competition, the graders average their scores so that the chance of a mistake is eliminated.

Thai Treasures Cupping
Thai Treasures High Quality Coffee Beans

Our Thai Treasure’s Specialty Coffee Beans are graded at the top 5% of the coffee beans in the world.

While excellence does cost more than the ordinary. Thai Wild Mountain Coffee still remains an affordable luxury costing as little as 6 cents a cup when prepared at home. We believer and you will find it worth every penny!

Specialty Coffee Types

Thai Treasures Different Coffee

Specialty coffee types are exquisitely made, rare coffee variants that fall into the highest level of coffee grading classification. Specialty scores are always 80 - 100, with any score over 90 extremely rare and usually significantly more expensive as the score goes up.

Specialty coffee beans must have a cupping score of 80 to 100 and need to pass 10 criteria points for an official coffee testing. These are:

  • Aroma
  • Acidity
  • Aftertaste
  • Body
  • Balance
  • Cup cleanliness,
  • Flavor
  • Sweetness
  • Uniformity
  • Overall taste
Thai Treasures Types Of Coffee
Thai Treasures High Quality Arabica Coffee

Thailand produces many of the world’s specialty coffee types. Its Arabica plantations in the highlands, where Thai Treasures Wild Mountain Coffee comes from, are considered the some of the best specialty coffees in the world.

With real, high-quality arabica coffee, you are often able to taste a sweet balanced flavors. Common descriptors are, chocolate, caramel, and nuts. You can also taste hints of fruity flavors like berries. Thai Treasure ethically sources its specialty coffee types directly from an exclusive relationship with the farm and then brings them to the US to roast and package. 

With Thai specialty coffee beans, you can make your favorite coffee beverage better than when brewing with the usual commercial grades. Try:

  • Cappuccino
  • Caffe latte
  • Cafe mochas
  • Macchiato
  • Hand pourover drip
  • V-Cone  filter drip, flash chilled over ice
Thai Treasures Different Specialty Coffee

Enjoy An      Authentic Thai Coffee   Drinking  Experience In The   Comfort of Your Home

From the way it's grown to the way it's roasted and brewed, we give you the best-tasting Thai coffee. With just one sip, you’ll surely come back for more as you get to pay homage to the rich culture of Thailand while indulging in this great tasting specialty beverage!

Thai Treasures Coffee 

Wake up your morning routine with a fresh cup of Thai Treasures specialty coffee.

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Small Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Small Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Small Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Small Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$19.00 / 7 oz

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Enjoy Thai’s quintessential coffee flavors at the comfort of your home


You get to enjoy single-origin Thai coffee at a significantly lower price

Every Cup Matters

A whole community is involved in each purchase you make - the Hill Tribe farmers and their families, the farm. We lovingly pay the community far beyond their wage costs to nurture the young ones’ education, the farmers’ farming practices, and overall living.


Never Exhaust Your Flavorful Thai Coffee Supplies SINGLE-ORIGIN

Picked and processed by hand ensuring the freshness and quality preserved over the course of delivery. You’d be amazed to explore the uniqueness of nuanced flavors Thai has to offer.

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