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Coffee Beans

If you enjoy the taste of real Arabica gourmet coffee, then you will love Thailand Wild Mountain Arabica Coffee

Coffee Beans Thailand

As an affordable luxury, Thai coffee beans, grown and harvested in Thailand's Chiang Mai Province, make make a splendid organic drink

Thai Treasures Coffee And Beans

Cultivated from rich farmland, a few thousand meters from the sea level, and imported to the United States, you will definitely enjoy making your favorite coffee recipes with Thai Treasure’s coffee beans.

Our products suit both at home coffee enthusiasts as well as retailers who prize and high quality and great taste. We only provide products that we believe in ourselves and we welcome every customer with the utmost consideration and care. If you have special requirements, please let us know. We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

Thai Coffee Beans Wholesale

At Thai Treasures, we also offer Thai Coffee Beans

wholesale for retailers. Please inquire by email.

Thai Treasures Coffee Beans Wholesale

Whether you’re a coffee roaster looking to resell our products in your coffee shop, a retailer finding a manufacturer, or a businessman looking into private labeling services, we’re here for you. Our coffee beans products are certified as organic* by the Thai Government and our California base roasting facility is an SQF registered facility that meets stringent food safety standards.

*USDA Organic Certification is not claimed and is in process.

Produced With Love. Delicious Thai Coffee  That You Will Want To Develop A Relationship With!

Help strengthen the farmers’ livelihood while enjoying great-tasting coffee from the highlands of Thailand! Each bag delivers a promise of quality from the loving hands that raised it and sent with love and best intentions to you, the coffee aficionado. 

Love, from our farm to your cup!

Coffee Thai Treasures

Thai Treasures is the result of the collaborative efforts of seasoned coffee professionals with environmentally conscious farmers to provide you with Thailand's best high-grown Arabica coffees. Choose the roast you love the most from our wide variety of Thai specialty beans.

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Large Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Large Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Large Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Large Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$27.00 / 14 oz

Thailand Coffee Production

Experience the taste of a whole new culture that any

true coffee lover will want to try! 

Thai Treasures Coffee Beans And Coffee

There are over 120 types of coffee beans, but among the most distinctive ones are Thai’s Wild Mountain Organic Coffees.

Thai coffee is becoming known around the world, thanks to the charitable project for farmers under King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This incentivizes high quality coffee production in Northern Thailand under the Thai Royal Project. It’s meant to create a sustainable livelihood for local farmers and their families, who previously were not recognized as citizens by the Government and struggled to make their living by growing opium. It has taken much time and it is finally becoming successful!  Norther Thailand now has a vibrant Arabica coffee production, that improves the lives and global impact of these beautiful people while allowing them to maintain the best parts of their lifestyle and culture.

For every cup purchased from Thai Treasures, know that you are giving back to the local community in a most meaningful and sustainable way.

Thai Treasures Hand Picked Coffee Bean

The coffee trees are hand-planted and their cherries are hand-picked on the rich and prosperous topography. The best milling stations ensure that the final yield is of highest quality and great value. To maintain its naturally superior taste, moisture and freshness, the green coffee beans are packaged in state of the industry bags and readied for shipment to our facility in the USA.

Genuinely exotic Thai Green Coffee Beans

With smooth, chocolatey and fruity flavors, coupled with hints of nuts and caramel, fresh roasted Thai Coffee Beans may remind you of  other fine washed arabica coffees. Perhaps those of Costa Rica or Panama.

Freshly harvested in the warm and slightly humid winter months, Thai Wild Mountain green coffee beans are one of the secrets the coffee trade. The beans are meticulously processed and when roasted,  they yield just the right balance of aromatics and flavors that will  please  even the most discriminating coffee drinker.

Thai Treasures Green Coffee
Thai Treasures Sundried Green Coffee

Sun-dried and fermented using modern but still mostly hand labor, the green coffees are carefully processed and graded to operate the great from the next grades down.  While a variety of coffee grades are picked and milled,  only the top grades are shipped to the USA.  

Thai Treasures imports only the finest Wild Mountain Arabica Thai Green Coffee Beans. While they are fit for royalty, they are to be enjoyed by all!

Why Exotic Thailand Coffee 

Is Sought After By Aficionados

Thailand coffee beans boast a strong aroma with a smooth flavor

Thai Treasures Coffee Served

The reasons why people visiting the country are making a pilgrimage to Northern Thailand’s coffee producing areas often have to do with the exotic culture of the people that grow it as well as the the pristine environment that the coffee grows in. Thai coffee beans encapsulate this aura and it shows up in the final cup. 

The beans need not be roasted deeply to bring out their rich flavor. However, they taste great both light and dark. Upon preparing and drinking the coffees, you will appreciate their sweet fragrance and pleasing aftertaste . They offer a balance of acidity and flavor that invites one to enjoy often and maybe even have a second cup.  The sustainability and social responsibility model that surrounds these special beans also adds value and relevance  to your entire drinking experience.

Thai Treasures Coffee Bean Roasted

Unlock the Best of Thailand With Our        Four Different Varieties & Roasts 

Brought straight to your door from the exotic farmlands of Thailand, you can now enjoy a cup of coffee made with love! Ideally suited for brewing as drip, french press, Aeropress, or espresso.

Experience Being in a
Thailand Coffee Shop

With some imagination and a cup of Thai Treasures coffee, you may take a trip to a far off land, without even leaving your home.

Thai Treasures Coffee Shop

Imagine being in a local coffee shop in Thailand where you walk up to the barista and order a cup of their best arabica coffee. Smell the aromas, hear the sounds and take in the visual experience in the wanderings of your mind. Sit down, sip your coffee and let your taste buds take you on a trip to Thailand, in the comfort of your own private space.

Please don't confuse the experience just described with lesser coffees supposedly sourced from Thailand.  This is not instant Thai coffee, nor is it your common Thai coffee powder that one might find at the airport or hotel room or tourist gift shop. This are the best Thai coffee beans you’ll ever touch and smell. Simply grind them to suit your favorite method, brew them to your liking, and drink the resulting elixir from your favorite mug.

Thai Treasures Woman Smelling Coffee

Buy Thailand Coffee Beans

An Affordable Luxury

Thai Treasures Coffee And Coffee Bean

It’s not entirely impossible to find so called Thai coffee in the United States these days. But if you search around you can probably find Thai labeled coffee grounds or instant coffee powder. These are usually made from the lessor quality Robusta coffee varieties which are procured from Southern Thailand.

If, however,  you are looking for top specialty grade, arabica coffee beans that are cultivated in the northern mountains of Thailand, you will find even fewer options.  Of those, even few sources employ a direct trade model that reinvests resources into the people and land that makes these special coffees available in the USA at a sustainable and fair price. 

Importing specialty arabica coffee is more difficult than ever during these challenging times.  Pandemic related Saftey, customs and clearance rules along with their impact on the global shipping system, make all of this more challenging than in the past. At Thai Treasures, you are purchasing directly from a us as exclusive representatives of the coffee farm. We handle our own importing and minimize the hands involved so that we can offer the most competitive prices, roaster fresh and direct to the you, the consumer.

Thai Treasures Hot Coffee And Coffee Bean

Coffee Industry in

The coffee industry in Thailand is one of the booming industries in the country, but unfortunately, it’s not widely

known in the world.

Thailands specialty and arabica coffees are exported less than in other countries. This means much of the supply stays in-country. Thailand is also know for employing an exemplary and symbiotic coffee ecosystem where farmers, roasters, sellers and consumers co-exist.

Thai Treasures Coffee Plant

The more coffee exported from the country is actually beneficial for its economy and the lively hood of its local farmers. While Northern Thailand has a fair-trade system in which farmers are being paid proper wages and given sustainable programs, they benefit further when consumers in USA purchase their coffee beans.

The volume of harvest equates to how many jobs are created for the locals, too. The farm that Thai Treasures has a relationship with, supports the local villages’ education, livelihood, infrastructure projects, and community ceremonies. This also means that every bag we purchase and each sale we get from our customers supports a far greater cause for the Thailand farmers and their families.

Try Doi Dark Roast Thai Coffee. It is Not Over Roasted. It's Organic and Could Be The Best Dark Roast Coffee You've Ever Had. 

Dark roast coffee fans are particular about flavor too. The coffee should taste dark and caramelized but never charred. The natural hardness (density) of the raw beans are indicative of how well they can handle a deeper roast. Hardness has much to do with the altitude at which the coffee was grown. Due to the location of our farms, our Doi Dark Roast handles a darker roast really well. If you are a French roast fan, you should give our Doi Dark Roast a try. 

Coffee Thai Treasures

Celebrate your morning routine with a fresh cup of Thai Treasures specialty coffee. Our beans brew excellent drip-brews, espressos lattes and cappuccinos. It also well known that sustainable grown organic coffees are some of the best know sources of antioxidants and contain almost no calories (consumed black), Coffee is generally considered healthy by the medical community too.

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Small Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Small Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Small Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Small Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$19.00 / 7 oz