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Coffee is a sophisticated adventure.


Everyone has their own preference and

no two people yearn for the same taste.

At Thai Treasure, we make sure you get the taste of the best coffees around the world. Pay homage to the magnificent naturally derived beverage, cultivated and nurtured in the high mountain  altitudes in Thailand!

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Thai Treasures Ground Coffee Beans

What makes a superb cup of coffee is the balance from the way it’s grown to its brewing style. It leaves an unforgettable experience one comes back to over and over again. We ensure you get the same experience when you try our products:

  • Thai Arabica Coffee Beans,
  • Specialty Coffee Beans,
  • Thai Green Coffee Beans,
  • and many more.

What’s more, everything is at a good price!

From the coffee farm to your final sip, we make sure you get a first-class drinking experience without robbing your wallet! From coffee plantation (altitude, climate, temperature, moisture) to hand-picking the cherries at the finest hour to roasting and packing, each coffee bag we have contains the best coffee taste.

  • Flavor
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Aroma
  • And finish

Perfecting the grind also makes a difference in coffee drinking. From water temperature to grind size and filter size, each fulfills a purpose to make a delicious coffee. For drip pot users, a fine or medium grind is perfect. For French Press users, a coarse grind is often the standard. If you want to brew the espresso method, a fine grind is the best.

Try Roasted Dark, 100% Organic, Extremely Delicious Thai Coffee

Whether you’re searching for unique Asian coffee or an entirely different coffee drinking experience, you’re in the right place! Journey through Thai Treasure’s most delicious Thai coffee.

Coffee Thai Treasures

Hand-picked and traditionally harvested in nice warm weather 1000 miles above the sea, we bring you fresh Thai coffee beans. Specialty packaging maintains its distinct flavor and moisture any coffee aficionados will surely crave! Help yourself with the best-tasting coffee varieties below!

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Large Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Large Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Large Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Large Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$27.00 / 14 oz

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Thai Treasures Regular Subscription

Never run out of superb coffee ever again. Freshly roasted Thai coffee from the Farm, delivered to your door each week or month! Simply let us know your preferred delivery schedule. 

Enjoy These Benefits With Your Coffee Subscription


Enjoy Thai’s quintessential coffee flavors at the comfort of your home


You get to enjoy single-origin Thai coffee at a significantly lower price

Every Cup Matters

A whole community is involved in each purchase you make - the Hill Tribe farmers and their families, the farm. We lovingly pay the community far beyond their wage costs to nurture the young ones’ education, the farmers’ farming practices, and overall living.


Never Exhaust Your Flavorful Thai Coffee Supplies SINGLE-ORIGIN

Picked and processed by hand ensuring the freshness and quality preserved over the course of delivery. You’d be amazed to explore the uniqueness of nuanced flavors Thai has to offer.

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Coffee Origins

The coffee origin is both beautified and plagued with a colorful, tribal history. Harsh conditions, uprisings, bloody suppressions led to today’s fair trade system and sustainable farming.

It all started in Ethiopia…


The coffee origin dates back to the earliest time of 850 CE. Coffee originally came from Ethiopia and was mainly drank in the Islamic region as a form of religious practice. One such practice was that it was served during Muslim celebrations like Ramadan, to help consumers stay awake during the night.

It didn’t take long for the Arabian countries, such as Yemen, to discover coffee drinking as part of their religious culture. In the 16th century, coffee spread in Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.

Coffee Origins in Europe.

The vibrant coffee trades were first distributed in the European region from Hungary to Italy. It later spread in Germany, Austria, UK, France, Netherlands, and Poland.

Thai Treasures Italy

Coffee Origins in Americas...

Thai Treasures Gabriel

In 1720, Gabriel de Clieu, a French Naval Officer, introduced coffee seeds in Martinique in the Caribbean. 50 years later, there were over 18,000 trees in Martinique enabling further cultivation in Haiti.

Coffee was starting to get popular mainly in Latin America during these times, but it relied on forced labor, which started a Haitian Revolution. Because of this, the coffee industry didn’t recover from the historic incident for a long time.

Coffee Exports…

For decades, Brazil has been the top producer and monopolist of coffee in the market. Other countries known for coffee trade and production are Vietnam, Columbia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and Honduras.

Thai Treasures Brazil

Thai Coffee Export...

Thai Treasures Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Thai Organically grown, direct trade Coffee is one of the latest and most delicious, rich coffees in the world. Unfortunately, it’s still not widely known globally. Its still, well, kind of a secret!

The country cultivates and exports only a small percentage of Arabica and Robusta specialty beans. But the catch is that the more coffee export they have, the better it can be for its economy and local farmers.

Thai Treasures is one of the few authorized coffee distributors in the US bringing high quality coffee to you, straight from the farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The farm where our products come from practices a sustainable direct trade system where local families are being paid fair wages and sustainable benefits like education, infrastructure, and ceremonies.

Get your Thai coffee now to experience the world’s best, yet-to-discover coffee variety!

Rekindle Thai’s Authentic Coffee Drinking Experience Brought to Your Home

From the way it's grown to the way it's roasted and brewed, we give you the best-tasting Thai coffee. With just one sip, you’ll surely come back for more as you get to pay homage to the rich culture of Thailand while indulging in this specialty beverage!

Coffee Thai Treasures

If you want a fresh cup of coffee each morning, you’ll never regret sipping each ounce of Thai Treasures coffee. Bringing you a whole new experience of coffee drinking, our products come straight from the farm with all the flavors, aroma, acidity, and nutrients intact. Choose from our plethora of best-selling Thai coffee online!

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Large Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai Treasures

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Large Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai Treasures

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Coffee Recipe

How to make a perfect cup of coffee? Simple.

Thai Treasures Coffee And Breakfast

Spruce up your daily breakfast meals with an organic, freshly-made cup of coffee. With Thai Treasures’ Specialty Coffee Beans, you can brew up the best tasting, hand pour-overs, lattes, cappuccinos, and practically any coffee recipe that you would like to try! Since Thai coffee has almost zero calories and fantastic flavor, its also compatible with your efforts to maintain good health!

What You Need:

  • French press
  • Ground coffee
  • Tablespoon
  • Kettle
Thai Treasures Coffee Press

Basic Coffee Preparation

1. Grind your coffee

This is where it all begins. Choose a roast that best fits your purpose. If you want coffee to be a little sweeter, choose a fine roast. A coarse grind gives a more bitter-tasting coffee. Grind the amount of coffee you need! A standard measurement is 2 tbsp of coffee per 6 ounces of water.

2. Water

Pour water from the filter, and leave it for about 30 seconds before submerging your grounds in the French Press.

3. Pour

Soak the grounds as you pour water making sure they are agitated to bring the flavor out. Don’t cover the lid of the brewer for now.

4. Saturate and stir.

Let the coffee grounds soak up the water for 30s and stir. Stir gently until all the grounds are “unstuck” from the walls.

5. Brew.

Let it stay for 2 minutes and 30 s.

6. Plunge.

7. Pour and taste!

You can add milk and sugar, syrups, spices, or frothed milk depending on your preferences.

Coffee Online

From farm to mug,

Thai Treasures offers products to seamlessly order coffee online.

Thai Treasures Different Coffee

Our coffee products are cultivated in divine climate, temperature, and altitude in environmentally and socially responsible methods.

Simply choose the coffee variety you like and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep, straight from the farm! If you’re looking into something native, something that’s not yet fully discovered and commercialized, then our coffee beans and unique Thai products will surely appeal to your liking!

Types of Coffee

The different types of coffee can be categorized according to the type of beans, type of preparation, and classifications.

Types of Coffee According to Classifications:

Thai Treasures Types Of Coffee
  • Robusta coffee - lowest-grade of coffee
  • Premium coffee - lower than the best
  • Specialty coffee - top-tier, best coffee types in the world

Types of Coffee Beans

Thai Treasures High Quality Coffee
  • Arabica - Arabica beans are the highest-quality coffee beans making the best tasting coffee aroma, flavor, and quality. They are a little bit more expensive than Robusta, but it’s totally worth-it.
  • Robusta - Robusta beans are usually cheaper in price as it’s easier to grow. It has a higher content of caffeine and oils but they often taste less desirable than arabica beans.  On the other hand, robusta beans are often used in making instant coffees and they are also used in espresso blends because they pour with more crema, due to the higher quantity of oils (lipids) in the bean.

Types of Hot Coffee Drinks

Thai Treasures Different Specialty Coffee
  • Decaf
  • Espresso
  • Black Coffee
  • Latte
  • Cappucino
  • Café au Lait
  • Macchiato
  • Americano
  • Cortado
  • Flat White
  • Mocha Latte
  • Red Eye
  • Irish Coffee

Types of Cold Coffee Drinks

Thai Treasures Iced Coffee
  • Iced Latte
  • Cold Brew
  • Iced Coffee
  • Frappe
  • Nitro Coffee

Can This Be Brewed Love? Delightful Thai Specialty Coffee Beans That’ll Make You Ask for More!

Help strengthen the farmers’ livelihood while enjoying great-tasting coffee from the highlands of Thailand! Each bag delivers a promise from the grower, sealed with a kiss to avid coffee lovers. In return, your purchase fuels their sustainable existence. 

Coffee Thai Treasures

Spruce up your morning routine with a fresh cup of Thai Treasures’ specialty coffee beans and grounds. From lattes to cappuccinos, easily whip up Thai coffee recipes you’ve never tried before! Plus, Thai coffee calories are low so you get to enjoy a healthy, scrumptious drink!

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Small Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Small Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Small Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Small Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$19.00 / 7 oz