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Thailand Coffee

If you’re an experienced coffee lover, you will be excited to discover one of the world’s best kept specialty coffee secrets. Our authentic Thai Arabica Coffee beans are grown in the high mountain farmlands of Northern Thailand, where the perfect climate exists for coffee cultivation. Grown in the wild and certified as 100% organic* by the Thailand Government, our Thai Coffee selections satisfy the tastes of both discriminating coffee aficionados and novice coffee drinkers. 

Our Direct Trade approach of acquiring these special coffees from the Hill Tribes that depend on them, harmonizes with our core values of sustainability and conscious commerce. Once we have imported them, we roast these precious beans with precision to unlock their unique aroma, medium acidity, caramel sweetness, and delightful aftertaste. Try a bag now and experience an adventure in taste!

* Note: USDA Organic Certification is pending

Thai Treasures Coffee Plant Thailand

Thailand Tea

One of the surprising features of Thai-grown teas is the contrast of exotic flavors and varieties you can experience. Whether you favor musty, strong black tea flavors that stand up to the addition of milk and sugar, or you prefer the subtle yet aromatic essence of white and green teas, you’ll find all of that and more in our selection of organically grown Thailand teas. Rich in antioxidants and numerous other health-promoting features, Thai teas are a healthy way to start your day, lift your afternoon spirits and even help detoxify your body of harmful substances.

Thailand Rice

While rice is considered an international staple, Thailand Rice tastes more like an affordable luxury. Rich in flavor and beautiful in form, a wholesome meal from one of our 4 specialty rice varieties can contribute to you feeling healthy, balanced and nourished. Organically grown, without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, Thailand Rice varieties are some of the most nutritious, healthy, and aromatic grown in Asia. We offer 4 types of specialty rice: Purple-grain, Organic Three Color, Jasmine Brown, and Jasmine White Rice.

Thailand Accessories

Looking for authentic accessories that will match perfectly with your outfit and style? 

Some exciting finds from Northern Thailand are coming. Check back often and stay tuned!

An Authentic Thai Coffee Drinking Experience Straight To Your Home

From the way it's grown to the way it's roasted and brewed, we give you the best-tasting Thai coffee.

With just one sip, you’ll surely come back for more as you get to pay homage to the rich culture of Thailand while indulging in this specialty beverage, lovingly produced by farmers who care.

Coffee Thai Treasures

Hand-picked and traditionally harvested in nice warm weather 1000 miles above the sea, we bring you fresh Thai coffee beans. Specialty packaging maintains its distinct flavor and moisture any coffee aficionados will surely crave! Help yourself with the best-tasting coffee varieties below!

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Large Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Large Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai Coffee

arabica catimor

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Large Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$26.00 / 1 lb

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Large Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$27.00 / 14 oz


Thailand is known to have the best coffee, and Thai Treasures Coffee is just so perfect for my taste. It has a deep and pleasing taste that satisfies and energizes me the whole day!

- Chriss Zurich


The aroma, sweet blend, and strong hints of coffee-Thai Treasure Coffee got a perfect combination of everything. There’s no other coffee for me but Thai Coffee only! 

- Thomas Bright


Thai Treasure Coffee makes me feel so happy every day, and it is my daily dose of happiness. You can order through thier online store very easy and convenient! 

- Monica Najera


For coffee lovers like me, I know when the coffee is premium on my first sip.  Thai Treasure Coffee is so addictive! The taste and the aroma are just perfect. 

-Jeff Smith


Thai Treasure Coffee has this rich, sweet, and slightly earthy flavors. It is the kind of coffee that you really enjoy.

- Carolina Rodriguez

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Who We Are

We truly believe that passion is the key to everything you desire in life.

Being able to bring the splendid experience of Thailand, to your front door, while supporting the farmers and artisans who grow and create our products, is more than gratifying to us, it's our true passion.

Our success comes not from receiving your order, but rather from the smile on your face and the good feelings you have from experiencing the quality, taste and value imbedded into every product we sell.

Our hope is to bring two worlds a little bit closer together. The spiritually rich, enduring culture of Thailand and American culture, where high quality and determination are both appreciated and rewarded.

Thai Treasures Smile On The People Faces

Organically Grown and Neatly Processed. 

Get the Best Of Thailand Products
Here A
t Thai Treasures.

Whether you’re just shopping to buy Thai products or selecting quality     Thailand suppliers for wholesale purposes, we are here to help!

Discover Secrets Of Thailand In Our Fresh Roasted Specialty Thai Coffees

Brought straight to your door from the exotic farmlands of Thailand, enjoy a cup of nature grown with love and processed by coffee artisans! Wild Mountain Thai Coffee is suited for brewing with drip, french press, Aeropress, or espresso methods. For best flavor, we ship only whole bean. 

Thailand Products

Thai Treasures is the home of organic and naturally produced, specialty food products and accessories that are created with environmental and social awareness. We import products of pure quality and high value. The farmers and artisans that we work with, care about long term sustainability, fair labor policies and improved standards of living. 

Some of the most favored products we sell are Thai coffee beans.  If you enjoy Arabica varietals from more famous coffee producing areas in the world you will immediately notice that our coffees from Northern Thailand exhibit a taste, acidity and mouth feel that is on par or even better than fine coffees from the Americas, Indonesia and  Africa.

Share a pound of roasted whole bean Thai Coffee as a gift, you might even win your mother-in-law’s heart!

Wild Thai Tea.

With your first taste of our Thai organic tea that came straight from a richly cultivated organic tea farm, you won’t regret moving beyond commercially-produced teas which taste lifeless and plain when compared to these! Authentic, pure and delivered with love, Thai Treasures Tea fulfills our intentions of improving our world one cup ....make that one sip, at time!

We offer exotic and organic rice varieties, cultivated from the our rich organic farmlands. If you’re not aware, Thai rice is famous for its spectacular quality and an impressive number of nutrients and healthy compounds. Organic farming helps improve the lives of our farm partners now, while helping  them lay the foundation for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Preserving The Real Tradition
Of Thai Products

Nestled between a range of mountainous regions over 1900 meters above sea level, the farm where many of our products are cultivated could be the best location for growing coffee beans, organic rice, and tea leaves, on earth.

With temperatures ranging only from 15 to 24°C all year round, rich red soil and natural water resources, an ideal climate exists that is perfect for sustainable farming in a secret paradise. It is from here that we bring coffee, tea, hand-made bags, rice and many other unique products and exotic flavors, back to the USA to be lovingly processed, packaged and purveyed to you with care.

You should also know that imbedded into each purchase you make, the lives of many Thai farmers and workers are being transformed by your choice of conscious commerce. How much you purchase from Thai Treasure, equates to how many people that you help to feed, educate and more importantly, empower. The farm we import from stands strongly within the organic and fair-trade system and gives back benefits to the hill region community for a sustainable and measurably better livelihood.

Coffee Production

Coffee production, starts at the farm, where, after being grown under the organic standards of the Thai Government, the beans are de-pulped, washed and fermented. Next comes drying, which takes place for 15 to 20 days on raised bamboo beds. The organic farm’s state-of-the-art milling station ensures the uniformity of the product. Packaging is superbly done at just the right moisture content to maintain the finished freshness and  taste of the coffee during its long journey to  America.

For our organic rice, the farmers do single crops of each specialty rice variety. As with the coffee, organic farming of these rice crops only uses ecologically-based pest controls and fertilizers made from plant waste. This methodology reinforces the nutritional value, distinct aroma and character of the final product.

With our 40+ years of specialty coffee expertise of buying, roasting and manufacturing specialty and organic coffee, we are happy to only source from our farms and growers who employ quality oriented, sustainable manufacturing methods. Rest assured that you will receive trustworthy and often certified products. This means you can count on buying only the very best that Thailand has to offer.


When I first tasted Thai Treasure Coffee, what  I noticed was its aromatic smell. It has this distinct aroma-very smooth and slightly syrupy mouthfeel. I never go wrong with their coffee.

- Thomas Fountain


Thai Treasure Coffee brings back many memories I had when I visited Thailand. The aroma, the perfect blend, the premium ingredients, when combined? Just too good! One thing I love about them is the option to subscribe. I just did! I don't need to order again and again because I will be receiving the products monthly. Thank you.

- Marylin Jefferson


I got my mug! I subscribed at Thai Treasure Coffee, and automatically I am getting my order once a month. I love the taste of their coffee. It's so authentic. The coffee is made from premium coffee beans, and the blend is just too perfect for my taste. 

- Mark Thom


For a coffee lover like me, I can't start my day without my coffee. Thai Treasures Coffee sets the mood for my entire day's activities. I've been drinking this coffee for quite some time, and I never complain about my acid reflux. 

- Michelle Ramaglia


Thai Treasures Coffee is reasonably priced. The premium ingredients made the coffee burst with a combination of tastes. When you sip a little amount of coffee, you can feel the explosion of different tastes perfectly blended. It's so nice that I can order this coffee through their online store.

- Lilli Woo

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Products Online

For finding the best imported Thailand products available online, shop through our easy-to-use Thai Treasures website!

We offer single and multiple packages of beautifully wrapped varieties of affordable, yet high-quality, Thai coffee, tea, hand bags, and organic rice at fair retail prices.

If you are interested in buying any of our Thai products for wholesale trade or resale, please contact us by email.

Either way, you won’t regret the taste of real, genuine Thai products!

Products Wholesale

Whether you’re searching for Thai Coffee beans (roasted or raw), teas, organic rice in bulk, coconuts, macadamia nuts or local Thai products in wholesale and container volumes, you’re in the right spot! Thai Treasure offers a variety of Thailand products that can be purchased at wholesale prices.

Plus, if you want your brand on the packaging, we also offer volume prices and white label branding of products of the same peerless quality that we sell through our online shop. We have a wide variety of coffee, tea, organic rice, hand-crafted bags and numerous other native products that we source. Most of these can be yours through our wholesale and private labeling services with a huge array of packaging options available. 

Contact us by email

How To Buy
Products From Thailand

At Thai Treasure, you can easily order products from Thailand through us. We offer a seamless solution to buy specialty products in one place.

In a series of steps, we’ll show you how to buy products from Thailand, conveniently from your couch!

  1. 1
    Sign up for an account on our platform.
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    Choose the product you want.
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    Checkout payment with secure payment options through our website.
  4. 4
    We ship your products to your doorstep without the need for paying customs and import fees.
  5. 5
    Leave us a review if you appreciate our products and services!

Try Wild Mountain Doi Dark Roast, Organic Thai Coffee

Whether you’re searching for unique, bold coffee to drip brew, or looking to step up your espresso drinking experience with some exotic flare, you’re in the right place!  Thai Treasures offers the most delicious coffee

Thailand has to offer.

Coffee Thai Treasures

Bring an exotic experience to your morning routine with a fresh cup of Thai Treasures specialty coffee. 

Choose from mellow and earthy to vibrant and bold from one of our four tantalizing variaties.

Thai Treasures Doi Ang Kang AA Small Size

Doi Ang Kang AA Coffee Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Daen Lau Peaberry Small Size

Daen Lau Peaberry Thai COFFEE

arabica catimor

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Ang Kang Espresso Small Size

Ang Kang Espresso Thai COFFEE

catimor & caniphora

$18.00 / 8 oz

Thai Treasures Doi Dark Roast Small Size

Doi Dark Roast Thai


arabica catimor

$19.00 / 7 oz


I've been an avid fan of Thai Treasures Coffee products because their coffee is premium quality. It is authentic. I love the taste! 

- Sussane Dafne


Thank you, Thai Treasures Coffee!  I received my mug and the coffee bag today. I felt so happy when I opened my box. 

- Joane Parker


I love it because Thai Treasures Coffee has this option where I can subscribe. I can get my coffee regularly every month. I even added more to my cart because my family and friends love it too!

- Emma Weiner


Thai Treasures Coffee is excellently processed. In every cup, I can taste the fullness of the coffee. I just hit the subscribe button so that I can receive my coffee monthly. But for those who want to try it first, you can also buy it the usual way through their online store.

- Mike Nadder


I love the taste of Thai Treasures Coffee. The hints of every ingredient are there, but it is not overpowering. Thus, this authentic taste of Thai coffee is a perfect blend for me. 

- Michelle Smith

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And One More Thing...

10% OFF For Regular Subscription

YES, you heard that right - Huge discounts for regular orders! Become a regular and get 10% off your orders. 


Never run out of superb coffee ever again. Freshly roasted Thai coffee from the Farm, delivered to your door each week or month! Simply let us know your preferred delivery schedule. 

Enjoy These Benefits With Your Coffee Subscription


Enjoy Thai’s quintessential coffee flavors at the comfort of your home


You get to enjoy single-origin Thai coffee at a significantly lower price

Every Cup Matters

A whole community is involved in each purchase you make - the Hill Tribe farmers and their families, the farm. We lovingly pay the community far beyond their wage costs to nurture the young ones’ education, the farmers’ farming practices, and overall living.


Never Exhaust Your Flavorful Thai Coffee Supplies SINGLE-ORIGIN

Picked and processed by hand ensuring the freshness and quality preserved over the course of delivery. You’d be amazed to explore the uniqueness of nuanced flavors Thai has to offer.

Save BIG

With high-quality comes greater cost. BUT with Thai Treasures’ subscription, we guarantee a budget-friendly price for subscriptions.